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9kg Tarocco Bellino Mixed size

9kg crate of Tarocco "Bellino" oranges, Mixed size, suitable table consumption and for juices.
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The Tarocco "Bellino" is a red-fleshed orange that stands out for its excellent quality. For this reason we wanted to give it our name. It has unique organoleptic properties; spherical in shape, it is characterized by a slight hole in the apical part and sometimes in the basal part, with a very thin skin, a fragolated taste and a very high juice yield.
The typical red pigmentation of the pulp is slow to arrive and intensifies as the maturation progresses.
The fruits are free of peel treatment and the plant does not undergo any treatment that could anticipate or postpone fruit ripening.
AranciaBellino guarantees freshness, authenticity, and long storage times, collecting and packaging the fruits on the same day the order is processed.

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