9kg Tarocco Rosso Vinaceo Mixed size

9kg crate of Tarocco Rosso Vinaceo oranges, Mixed size, suitable for table consumption and for juices.
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The Tarocco Comune is a red-fleshed orange with a non-generous size, a slightly coarse skin and a Vinaceous Red color similar to Moro, but the typical red pigmentation that is not always homogeneous, varies according to the period of maturation, and sometimes some fruits could remain blond.
In past years it has had little commercial interest in the Italian territory while it was and remains highly appreciated abroad. Only a few years ago, thanks to the results of scientific studies that affirm the beneficial properties that the red orange has for our body, its marketing has also intensified in Italy.
Many consumers prefer this fruit for tasty deep red juices.
The fruits are free of peel treatment and the plant does not undergo any treatment that could anticipate or postpone fruit ripening.
AranciaBellino guarantees freshness, authenticity, and long storage times, collecting and packaging the fruits on the same day the order is processed.