Almond pastries 500 g

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Almond pastries are biscuits typical of the Sicilian tradition and represent the excellence of local pastry, so much so that they are in demand throughout Italy and all over the world.They enclose the aromas and flavors of this land. Thanks to their particular dough, almond biscuits keep well for days, always remaining soft and fragrant. The processing takes place using local almonds, carefully selected and processed according to ancient traditional recipes, to have an inimitable final product, a flavor from which to let yourself be carried away. These sweets are traditionally consumed during the Christmas period, but the fragrance and delicacy of the taste have made them a top product in the local gastronomy, so much so that they are now consumed at any time of the year. These biscuits are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, almost creamy, so much that they melt in your mouth. A real delight that Arancia Bellino wants to offer to your palates, advising you to serve them accompanied by a sweet liqueur.
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