Chocolate of Modica PGI with Almonds and Hazelnuts 75g

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Paste (55% min.), Sugar, Almonds (5%), Hazelnuts (5%). It may contain traces of (other) Nuts.
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PGI Modica Chocolate with Citrus Fruit 75g.

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa paste (55% min.), Sugar, Citrus essential oil (0.02% min.). It may contain traces of: Nuts.
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2kg Sicilian Lemons

AranciaBellino offers you the chance to taste our lemons, order "5 Sicilian lemons" which will be added to replace some oranges.
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Pistachio Modica IGP Chocolate 75g

NGREDIENTS: Cocoa Paste (55% min.), Sugar, Pistachio (5%). It may contain traces of (other) Nuts.
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500g shelled almonds from Sicily

500g of shelled almonds in a vacuum packed
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