Lemons and other citrus

"Do you know the country where the lemons bloom?": These are the words with which a famous passage by Goethe begins, evoking the fragrance and splendor of the lemon groves of southern Italy and its nostalgia for these lands. Who said that Sicily is only suited for red oranges? Two varieties of IGP lemons are grown, the lemon grows here all year round and has unique characteristics, making it a product loved and exported all over the world, excellent in everyday cooking, as are all the others. citrus fruits we can buy: grapefruit, cedar, mandarin, mandarancio, clementino nova and more.

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8kg Sicilian Lemons

8kg Sicilian Lemons crate
£18.31 incl tax £19.62 incl tax
equates to £1.90 per 1 kg

2kg Sicilian Lemons

AranciaBellino offers you the chance to taste our lemons, order "5 Sicilian lemons" which will be added to replace some oranges.
£7.63 incl tax £7.85 incl tax
equates to £1.96 per 1 kg

4 kg Pink grapefruit

4 kg Pink grapefruit small crate
£10.47 incl tax
equates to £2.28 per 1 kg

17Kg Navel + Lemons

Pack composed of 9 Kg of "Navel"oranges mixed size and 8 Kg of lemons.
£33.14 incl tax £29.35 incl tax