Promotion Tarocco +Lemons 18kg

Pack of 18kg composed of two 9kg Mixed size Tarocco oranges crates and a 9kg Sicilian Lemons crate. Product in promotion with shipping costs included .By adding other products to the same order the weight of this product will be counted as "Zero Kg".
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£26.16 incl tax
equates to £1.45 per 1 kg
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To satisfy the most demanding customers, AranciaBellino offers you this pack composed of excellent quality Tarocco  oranges with a sweet and sugary taste, suitable both for table consumption and for juice, and natural lemons with a pleasantly sour taste and intense aroma.
The fruits are free of peel treatment and the plant does not undergo any treatment that could anticipate or postpone fruit ripening.
AranciaBellino guarantees freshness, authenticity, and long storage times, collecting and packaging the fruits on the same day the order is processed.

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